Westend Hotel Kiev Hotel Policies

Our Rules were created to make Your stay at Westend Hostel Kiev comfortable as much as possible. Please kindly familiarize with our basic rules.


The hostel is open round the clock. Our standard Check-in time is 2 PM and Check-out time is 12 PM (midday).


Early check-in and late check-out are possible if there are available vacant rooms and after Hostel’s administration agreement.


Early check-in from 6 AM till 2 PM is paid as per 50% of accommodation charge and is possible if there are available vacant rooms.


Late check-out from 12 PM (midday) till 6 PM is paid as per 50% of accommodation charge and is possible if there are available vacant rooms. Check-in before 6 AM and Check-out after 6 PM is paid as a full rate.


In case of guest staying at the hostel less than 24 hours, the payment is charged as for 24-hour period irrespective of the check-in and check-out time.


Cancellation of a reservation without any fine sanctions is carried out by latest 24 hours before the scheduled check-in. Otherwise a guest will pay cancellation penalty at the amount of the first day of his accommodation.


The accommodation for children under 5 years old (without place providing) is free of charge.


The Guest are only allowed to stay after showing passport or other identification document and after filling the Registration Form and paying for staying in the hostel. The hostel’s administration has the right to refuse the guests without substitute document or without paying for staying in the hostel. By signing the Registration Form, the guest agrees with the rules of residence (Hostel policies).


Payment is to be made by guest upon arrival. The room rate indicated in the Ukrainian currency – hryvna. We accept cash, bank transfer and bank cards. For payment are accepted VISA, Master Card.


If a guest is absent more than 1 hour from the moment of check-out time, the hostel administration has the right to make inventory of property being in a room and transfer it to storage room.


At the request of the guest visitors may be at the hostel from 8 AM to 10 PM if they provide the identity document. Visitors can stay in the room and in the hostel only in conjunction with the guest. The hostel is not responsible for visitors invited into the room. The hostel has the right to refuse to permit visitors without documents proving their identity. Guest assumes full financial responsibility and liability for the actions of visitors as for their own actions.


Don’t damage the hostel’s equipment; keep the rules of fire safety. In case of leaving the room, close the windows, turn off the water, switch off the light and electrical equipment. In case of damage the guest have to compensate the cost of the things according to the hostel rules.


A guest bears financial responsible in full for any damage caused to hostel.


If you leave the room, give the key to the manager. In case of loss of the key, a penalty of 100 UAH will be imposed on the guest.


A guest is prohibited to use a room for contraindicated purposes and to bring dangerous to health and life materials and things.


Smoking is categorically forbidden in the rooms and in the hostel in general. Non-compliance with this rule shall entail payment of compensation equal to the cost of one night stay in the room for each day of smoking.


It is prohibited to stay with animals in a room.


To save order and safety in the hostel it is also forbidden:

  • to use electrical devices that are not included in the hostel room;
  • to displace and take the furniture out of the room;
  • to damage hostel things;
  • to give room keys to strangers;
  • to keep in the room flammable things;
  • to take and to bring to the hostel things being dangerous for health;
  • to break the rules of behavior and to be in a drug intoxication;
  • to be aggressive with other people and damage people’s things.


We ask our guests in the hostel and in the rooms to keep silence from 11 PM to 7 AM.


The administration and personnel staff of the hostel don’t bear financial responsibility for safekeeping of valuables being in a room or in corridors, halls and other places of the hostel.


The hostel administration reserves the right to visit a room without guest’s agreement in case of force majeure events and in case of dangerous to health and life events.


In case of infringement of rules of fire safety, smoking illegally in the hostel or in case of breach of rules, the hostel administration has the right to impose a fine.


The hostel administration has the right to refuse a guest providing its accommodation services in case of failure to comply with the rules mentioned above. In such case payment for accommodation will be not returned to a guest.


By signing a Registration Form the guest gives his consent to personal data collection and processing by the hostel and its use for performance of economic, administrative and legal relations, accounting relations, audit and statistics etc. in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On Personal Data Protection”.


The hostel administration has the right to change its tariffs and accommodation rules.



We wish you a pleasant stay!

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